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9 Reasons You Should Use a Mobile Phone Stand

25 October 2023

1 in 5 people around the world owns a smartphone. With a smartphone, we've got the entire world in our palms. From work to entertainment, our smartphones are good for everything. Having said that, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you when we say that you spend an average of 3 hours every day using your mobile phone. Whether you're at home, work, in transit, or driving, you're using your mobile phone for one thing or the other.

Smartphones have made everything easy for us. From checking and responding to emails to attending meetings on the go to playing games to reading books, there's so much that we use mobile phones for.

But, the one thing that most people overlook is the mobile phone ergonomics. Just like there's a right and wrong posture to sit and work, there's also the right and wrong way of using a mobile phone.

This blog post is all about how the excessive use of mobile phones can affect you and how a mobile phone stand can benefit you.

What Does Excessive Mobile Phone Usage Do To Your Health?

Mobile phone is no longer a good accessory, but it's a must-have necessity today. You'll see everyone using their mobile phone wherever you go, be it public transport, cafes, parks, etc. It's like everything has got something to do with their phones. There's no harm in using a mobile phone to work or keep yourself entertained. The problem lies in the way you use it.

When you're holding your neck in a neutral posture, the force on the cervical spine due to the weight of the head is about 10 to 12 pounds. As you tilt your head forward, the force on the cervical starts to increase. When you tilt your head forward by 15 degrees, the force on the spine increases to 27 pounds. A tilt of 45 degrees increases the force on the spine to 49 pounds. If you tilt your head further forward to about 60 degrees, the force can surge to a whopping 60 pounds. We do everything we do on our phones, like texting, reading, or watching something, with our heads bent forward. Imagine the force that we're exposing our cercal spines to!

The force on the cervical spine can lead to wear and tear, degeneration, and spinal injuries, which can affect your mobility and make doing even the simplest tasks extremely painful.

How Does Using a Mobile Phone Stand Help?

One way to improve mobile phone ergonomics is by using a mobile phone stand. Mobile phone stands like the Phone Stand 007 are very basic and simplistic accessories that not many people pay much attention to. However, you’ll be surprised at how much difference a simple mobile phone stand can make in your life.

Below is a list of reasons why you should use a mobile phone stand:

1. Reduces the Force on the Cervical Spine

One of the first and most obvious reasons you should use a mobile phone stand is that it can help reduce the force on the cervical spine. You can use the mobile phone stand to position your phone in front of you. When the phone is in front of you, you won't have to tilt your head forward and, thus, won't exert any force on your neck.

For example, if you're reading from a presentation on your phone positioned on a mobile phone stand, you'll have the phone in front of you, and you won't have to keep your head bent to read.

2. Assists in Remote Work

If you're working from home, you should expect to receive lots of calls, texts, and emails. Everything once communicated in person is now communicated via emails, texts, and emails. When your eyes are fixated on the computer or laptop screen, it's easy to miss notifications on your mobile phone, especially if it's in silent mode. This is where a mobile phone stand can come in handy.

You can use a mobile phone stand to keep the phone right beside your computer or laptop screen. Every time you receive a notification and your mobile's screen lights up, you'll know instantly. With a mobile phone stand, you'll never miss a call, text, or email when you're working from home.

3. Allows You to Take Quick Breaks

When you're immersed in work, you may lose track of time completely. You may not realize how many hours you have been staring at your computer screen. Not giving a break to your eyes can strain them, and eye strain can lead to numerous problems like blurred vision, headaches, and even the weakening of eyesight.

Now, when you've got a mobile phone stand and your mobile phone is placed right beside your computer screen, you're bound to shift your gaze from the computer screen to your mobile phone every time you get a notification. Breaking your gaze away from the computer screen gives your eyes short breaks that prevent eye strain and other eye strain-related consequences.

4. Allows You to Work on the Go

Business travel has also resumed with the world opening up after the COVID-19 pandemic. When traveling for business, you're primarily working most of the time. You can never be sure when you may need to conduct a meeting with your team back home or with stakeholders in another country. Imagine sitting at the airport and having to attend a video meeting. Holding the phone in your hand will look quite unprofessional. Not to mention the fact that you may even look weird to people around you. It can get even more difficult if you've got to access the data on your laptop during the meeting.

A mobile phone stand can save you trouble and embarrassment. You can set up your mobile phone stand anywhere, on a counter or table at the airport, and have a video meeting conveniently. You can even have your laptop opened before you without hassle. With a mobile phone stand, you can work on the go with utmost convenience!

5. Makes Way for an Ergonomic Grip

Holding your phone in your hand and responding to emails and texts continuously can result in your fingers and hands becoming fatigued. Some mobile phone stands make way for an ergonomic grip on your mobile phone so that you can enjoy a comfortable grip while you work on the go!

6. Watch Movies Comfortably

Many people prefer watching movies on their mobile phones. If you're among those people who enjoy watching movies or your favorite shows on your phone in bed or on the go, a mobile phone stand might be just what you need! When you're watching something on your phone, you sit with your head bent. Keeping your head bent for an hour or two at a stretch can strain your neck and shoulders a lot. However, a mobile phone stand helps you elevate your phone to your eye level. Even if not to eye level, it does raise your mobile phone significantly so that you don't have to bend your head down as much! With a mobile phone stand, you can watch your favorite movies and shows comfortably!

7. Facilitates in Content Creation

We can give you numerous reasons why you should use a mobile phone stand if you're a content creator. With a mobile phone stand, you can take steadier shots, enjoy hands-free operations like making live videos or shooting video content, and even take perfect selfies! In this era where the quality of content you put out on your social media matter, a mobile phone stand can actually facilitate you in producing high-quality content!

8. Get More Work Done

If you're attending a video call on your phone with your phone in your hands, there's nothing else that you can do as your hands are occupied. You've got to put your phone down if you want to grab any documents or do something else. If you've got a mobile phone stand, you don't have to engage your hands at all. You can continue to do other tasks while the video call is on. This is particularly useful when you're in a virtual conference where you don't really have to give any input.

9. Makes Driving Safer

Attending calls during driving is one of the biggest safety hazards. In fact, many states consider it illegal to hold your phone in your hands while you're driving. This is another reason why you should buy a mobile phone stand. You can mount the mobile phone stand on your dashboard and take calls without using your hands. Not just calls, you can easily use navigation apps on your phone without really using your hands or shifting your gaze off the road for too long. A mobile phone stand makes driving with a phone safer.

Closing Word

Who knew an accessory as simple as a mobile phone could offer so many benefits? Well, if you're working most of the day or have to use your phone all the time, getting yourself a mobile phone stand might make things better (and safer) for you. It's not a good idea to keep your head bent for long hours. You should try to keep your head in a neutral posture to keep the force on the cervical spine to a minimum, and a mobile phone stand can help you do just that!