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6 Reasons Your Fixed Standing Desk Doesn’t Make the Right Choice and What to Go for Instead

29 June 2023

Standing desks have been around the workplaces for hundreds of years however, there's a recent hype about standing desks that makes them appear as a solution to all the health concerns associated with prolonged sitting.

While standing desks help overcome some of the negative implications of prolonged sitting, prolonged standing, like prolonged sitting, can be dangerous for your health and that's why we recommend that a fixed standing desk doesn't make a viable workspace solution.

So why doesn't a fixed standing desk make the right choice and what you should do instead? If that's what you're wondering, this post is for you. Here you'll learn all the reasons why your fixed-standing desk doesn't make the right choice and what you should go for instead.

Why Fixed Standing Desk Isn't the Right Choice for You?

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular in the last few years as they can offset the negative implications of prolonged sitting.

Since standing involves more muscles than sitting, it is considered one of the tools that promote a healthier lifestyle. However, do the health claims of using a standing desk hold up to reality? It turns out that the use of a fixed-standing desk shares several of the same problems as conventional tables and office chairs. In fact, prolonged use of standing desks can even introduce additional difficulties.

Here are a few reasons why fixed-standing desks do not make the best choice for you.

1. Greater Fatigue

Standing up burns more calories than sitting and engages more muscles so your body can maintain adequate posture in the standing position. However, the higher calorie burnout also means that you can get tired more often when using a standing desk.

In particular, standing for prolonged hours at a time can tire your feet and legs and the problem of fatigue may worsen for individuals who have to continue standing for prolonged periods.

2. Swelling and Foot Pain

The blood needs to circulate throughout the body to stay healthy however, with positions like standing, the problem is that the blood in your body needs to circulate against gravity.

This unusual circulation of blood can lead to fluid accumulation in the lower body especially in the legs. Given the fluid accumulation in the lower body, you'll notice that your lower limbs swell up. Unattended swelling on your lower limbs can lead to several health problems down the road.

3. Discomfort

Individuals who spend long hours in a standing position experience discomfort as they constantly have to strive to maintain balance and keep their legs steady. Given the extra work that the legs have to do, it's common that users of fixed-standing desks are more prone to experiencing discomfort and foot pain.

4. Spinal Pressure

The standing position makes one of the solutions for reducing spinal compression and offset the negative implications of prolonged sitting however, prolonged standing, like prolonged sitting can be dangerous.

Prolonged standing can also cause spinal pressure that can be worse among individuals who maintain poor posture while standing. The constant pressure that results from prolonged standing can wear down the cartilage discs that support your spine, contributing to spinal bulges and slipped discs.

5. Inactivity

It might come as a surprise to many potential standing desk users that a fixed standing desk can promote inactivity as much as a regular sitting posture does.

If you are spending most of your day in a standing position, you are almost as stationary as someone who spends the entire day in a sitting position. Moreover, you'll end up being more tired.

Let's not forget that most of the negative implications of prolonged sitting are not associated with sitting per se. Instead, they are associated with a sedentary lifestyle associated with prolonged sitting. Different bodily systems including your metabolism, and cardiovascular system become unbalanced and weaken over time.

The key to a healthy body doesn't lie in prolonged standing. Instead, it is a result of frequent standing up and moving your body in short bursts of physical activity so you can offset the detrimental health effects. The use of a fixed standing desk doesn't always encourage you to move more instead, it keeps you in a standing position.

6. Lower Concentration and Slower Reaction Times

The use of fixed-standing desks can be associated with a lower concentration and result in slower reaction times. Prolonged standing affects cognition and mental performance as it negatively impacts blood circulation throughout the body. Moreover, it causes fatigue that distracts people and lowers their attention and reaction times.

While the quick reaction isn't always a critical workplace skill, it's still useful for the overall safety and productivity of the employee while at work.

Managing Problems Associated with the Use of a Fixed Standing Desk

Fortunately, you can overcome the problems associated with the use of a fixed standing desk by choosing a height-adjustable standing desk and learning the appropriate way to stand.

Let's take a closer look at these measures.

Choose a Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Instead

Anyone who uses a standing desk shouldn't forget that you still need to take a break and resort to sitting following a period of standing. Unfortunately, a fixed standing desk doesn't provide you with a workstation as you sit so the time you may spend time is a time wasted from work.

Hence, a better alternative is to resort to a height-adjustable standing desk that allows you to conveniently switch your position from standing to sitting and vice versa. And since the workstation changes its position to complement your posture, using a height-adjustable standing desk doesn't lead to any waste of productive time while you are still at work.

One of the best height-adjustable standing desks you can find on the market is the Premium Standing Desk (E7 Pro) The height-adjustable standing desks offer a complete solution to all the problems associated with using a fixed standing desk. The dual motor height-adjustable standing desk offers quiet operations and a wide range that makes it a viable choice for individuals with varying heights. With its thicker leg columns and solid carbon construct, the desk outperforms various other height-adjustable standing desks available on the market.

The desk can hold up to 440 lbs. and is stable at even the highest height setting. It also features a cable management system which ensures that your workstation remains clutter free and you can look forward to an organized workstation every day.

If you're interested in learning more about this amazing product by FlexiSpot, click here.

Know The Right Way to Stand

Apart from investing in a height-adjustable standing desk, you also need to know and practice the right way to stand so you don't strain your body and experience the negative implications of prolonged standing.

The best way to use a height-adjustable standing desk is to stand for a while, sit, then stand again. You need to alternate between standing and sitting postures several times a day. You can start by standing for 30 minutes at a time and then switch to sitting for 5-10 minutes. You can gradually increase your standing period stretching it up to an hour at a time.

Moreover, apart from changing your position, you should also ensure that your head, neck, and spine are in a straight line as you stand. Furthermore, allow your elbows to make a 90-degree angle when your wrists are placed flat on the desk.

Apart from taking care of your posture, you should also ensure that your computer screen is at your eye level which helps avoid strain on your eyes as you stand and work.

While working on a height-adjustable standing desk, ensure that you wear comfortable footwear with no or low heels. You can also consider adding an anti-fatigue foot mat that provides additional support to your body while you are standing.

Don't forget to take regular breaks throughout the day. Take a quick walk to grab water or interact with a co-worker and get back to work. Such short movements help keep your body moving even when your job requires otherwise.

Bottom Line

Standing desks may appear to be a solution for all the problems associated with prolonged sitting however, that's not true. A better alternative is a height-adjustable standing desk that allows you to alternate your position from standing to sitting and vice versa. With the use of a height-adjustable standing desk, you can counter the negative implications of a sedentary lifestyle. However, even when you invest in a height-adjustable standing desk, don't forget to take necessary precautions and take care of your posture as you stand.

Only with the right equipment and by taking appropriate measures to stand the right way, you can maintain a healthy mind and body.