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5 Work Benefits Part-Timers Enjoy

01 June 2022

Have you ever considered working part-time jobs instead of having a full-time commitment? When we say part-time job, it refers to any paid position that will require you to render 40 hours or less of work per week. If you’re looking into this type of employment today, it’s not hard to find one that suits your skills or your interests because almost every industry already offers part-time posts.

Why even consider a part-time job when it will obviously pay less? Well, it will help professionals to have extra time to do other activities in their lives. Their world won’t just revolve around work or money-making ventures; they will also have the time to explore and pursue their other interests in life. Some also apply for part-time jobs while in limbo or are still deciding what industry they really want to prosper in.

Companies provide different schedules for their part-time workers. For instance, some provide a split schedule wherein their part-time employee only has to work for a few hours in the morning and then come back to business in the afternoon.

Part-time jobs also encompass freelance work. They are not directly employed by the company but they render part-time hours for their clients, giving them the liberty to work whenever they want as long as they meet discussed deadlines.

Students also apply for part-time jobs when they need the money to pay for tuition or want to have an extra allowance. And of course, having multiple jobs is only possible if the positions are part-time. Lastly, there are parents or retirees who seek part-time jobs to fill their long days at home.

So what’s the benefit that part-time workers get? Yes, they do have the flexibility of time, being able to pursue their creative passions and/or spend more time with people they value the most in life. In short, it’s relatively easier for the majority of part-timers to have a work-life balance. We listed down other benefits that these part-timers get from not working nine hours a day, five days a week.

New job opportunities will present themselves to you.

1. New job opportunities will present themselves to you.

When you start working part-time or freelance, you might be worried that your job is not as stable as those working full-time. While this rings true to some extent, there are many job opportunities waiting for you when you decide to work part-time. Since you are gifted with the luxury of time, you are able to say yes to many opportunities that will come your way. Make sure that you do your best when given the chance because you might never get it again.

You’re really lucky to be living in this day and age where most companies offer full-time positions. Remember to step out of your comfort zone and do your best so that they themselves would notice the quality of your work and hopefully hire you again for a future project.

You are given the chance to earn more than being employed in the corporate world.

2. You are given the chance to earn more than being employed in the corporate world.

Most part-timers and freelancers get their monthly income from multiple platforms. Because of this multiplicity, you get to earn more than just having one job. Take this opportunity to save up every precious cent of your hard-earned money.

If for instance you are employed directly by a company for a part-time position, show up with your best performance so that they can consider promoting you to a full-time job. This again means you’ll get more money to pay your bills and live your life. If you also apply to be part-time, expect that there will be companies who are more lenient with the application process.

It helps you maintain your physical and mental health.

3. It helps you maintain your physical and mental health.

Since you are able to achieve a work-life balance when having part-time work, then it’s much easier for you not to take your overall health and well-being for granted. Now that you’re working part-time, you can chill and relax after a client deadline or a deadly meeting. You can start new hobbies or maintain old ones. You can dedicate time to meditation and journaling. You also have more time to rest, which is often neglected by people who work full-time jobs. Realign, recalibrate, and focus your thoughts and feelings on what matters the most so that you are able to deliver your best at work.

It will cut down your transportation and meal costs.

4. It will cut down your transportation and meal costs.

More likely than not, you won’t have to step foot outside your house when you are working part-time. This means you don’t have to pay for public transportation or gas to and fro your house. You don’t even have to buy overpriced food and coffee when you are starving. At home, the refrigerator is easily accessible as well as your workspace which can literally be a stone's throw away from your bedroom.

Other than cutting your costs, you also contribute to the sustainability movement. You will have a lower carbon footprint because you just stay at home. If you want to work in a cafe, you can easily take your bike or walk which not only promotes good health but again, also helps lower carbon emissions. It’s also good for your wallet which no longer has to pay for gas.

You’ll get trained for “transferable” skills.

5. You’ll get trained for “transferable” skills.

What exactly is a transferable skill? These refer to anything you can do that is needed by all industries. Good communication skills are always a must in any industry and you can be stellar at it for a company’s customer service. You also learn how to think outside of the box, solve problems for customers, and take charge. While employed in a part-time job, you get to develop skills that will ultimately help you in your future career.

There is more to this list, depending on the type of part-time employee that you are. You can help yourself as a part-timer by customizing your workspace to accommodate your needs. Invest in ergonomic furniture so that you impress your bosses and book more part-time work.