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5 Reasons Your Standing Desk Isn't Working and What You Can Do About It

15 November 2023

You arrive at your desk, press the button and witness your conventional sitting desk transform into a standing workstation.

Don't we all love technology?

But what if you press the button, expect a height transformation, and nothing happens?

Well, we all love technology until it stops working.

Given that workplace dynamics are changing drastically, using a height-adjustable standing desk is becoming increasingly common. After all, the technologically advanced workstation model allows you to switch your position at your convenience so you can enjoy better health and greater productivity.

But given the fact that a height-adjustable standing desk has an electrical component, at some point, it's normal that you experience a hiccup with your hi-tech workstation. And the most common problem that any user of a height-adjustable standing desk is likely to experience is that the sit-stand desk doesn't go up and down.

If you have landed on this page, you may have experienced a hiccup with your workstation and your desk has likely become stuck.

But don't worry.

In what follows, we will share some of the most common reasons why your standing desk won't work and what you can do about it.

5 Reasons Your Standing Desk Isn't Working and What You Can Do About it?

Before we delve into why your standing desk isn't working, we assume you already have a great-quality height-adjustable standing desk from a reputable dealer. There are many horror stories where individuals buy a cheaper height-adjustable standing desk to save money but end up with a non-functional desk that needs premature replacement.

If you haven't already invested in a height-adjustable standing desk, we recommend choosing E5 which makes one of the most reliable standing desk options available on the market. With an exceptional emphasis on quality, reliability and durability, the sit-stand desk by FlexiSpot is what you need for a functional workspace that allows you to enjoy better health and enhanced productivity.

And while E5 makes one of the most reliable, sturdy and durable standing desk options, it is still an electronic piece of equipment that may cause you to experience a few hiccups. Therefore, it is integral that you know some of the common problems that your standing desk may experience and how you can fix them so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a height-adjustable standing desk.

Let's look at why your height-adjustable standing desk may not work and what you can do about it.

#1. Too Much Weight on Your Standing Desk

It is common even for the most reliable height-adjustable standing desk to experience problems when you place too much weight on your standing desk. Standing desks typically come with weight specifications that mention the weight you can place on your workstation without the fear of damaging it.

Problems arise when you place heavier objects with more than the specified weight on the desk, which may hamper the desk's ability to move upward and change into a standing desk. When it happens, your desk essentially lets you know that you have overloaded the desk, and the system has shit itself down to protect the motor against damage.

What Can You Do About It?

When you invest in a height-adjustable standing desk, you need to pay attention to the desk's weight-lifting capacity to prevent your desk from handling too much weight. Paying close attention to whether the maximum load capacity refers to the base solely or the base along with the work surface will give you a better idea of how much weight you can place on your workstation.

The sturdy E5 has a weight-lifting capacity of up to 220 lbs., which indicates that you can top your desk up with your work essentials.

#2. Uneven Legs of the Standing Desk

Another common reason your height-adjustable standing desk may not work is when your desk's legs aren't even. It is particularly a concern for dual motor standing desks, especially the ones that do not have a strong mechanism that allows each leg of the desk to lock on its own following the height adjustment. As a result, the two spindles and motor that turn while the height position is supposed to be adjusted do not move at the same frequency, which causes your desk to be uneven.

What Can You Do About It?

With certain height-adjustable standing desks, you may be required to perform a complete reset for your desk so you can realign your desk's legs and resolve the issue.

If you choose E5, you will not have to experience this problem as it is designed using the latest technology featuring user-friendly dual motor lifting system that provides a smoother and more stable height adjustment experience.

#3. An Issue with Control Box Cycle

A height-adjustable standing desk's control box follows a particular cycle involving the control box's functioning followed by a resting stage.

Your control box may reach its activity limit and stop working altogether. It's a system's response to avoid overheating the control box, and you can expect your control box to function seamlessly once provided with the opportunity for obligatory rest.

What Can You Do About It?

Most height-adjustable standing desks have a specified duty cycle. They may allow height adjustment for a certain duration followed by several minutes of resting period. You may find standing desks with a duty cycle of 2 minutes followed by a requirement of 18 minutes of resting period which means that you can adjust the height; however, following the height adjustment period, you need to provide a resting period of 18 minutes for the control box to cool down.

By ensuring that you provide your control box with ample resting period followed by a period of activity, you can ensure that your standing desks' control box doesn't experience any problems.

#4. Inappropriate Object Placement that Prevents the Desk from Moving

If there is anything installed over the desk, such as a cabinet, artwork or shelves, it may be preventing the desk from moving upward. To prevent the collision and possible damage to your standing desk, most standing desks feature collision detection, preventing the desk from colliding with another object.

What Can You Do About It?

If your standing desk has an anti-collision feature that prevents your desk from moving up, make sure you remove the possible hindrance in your desk's way and remove them.

#5. There is No Power

You may be unable to adjust your desk's height if there is no power. It can happen due to one of the following reasons;

Your desk is unplugged, or

The outlet has lost power.

Both these are external influences that have nothing to do with the desk itself. However, when your standing desk loses power and gets it again, the desk often resets it and will only move downward as it resets.

What Can You Do About It?

If there is no power and your standing desk isn't moving, you need to reset your desk. However, if the desk doesn't move despite resetting, you may need to use the following procedure.

Check beneath your desk for any lose wires and unplug the desk,

Wait for a minute following unplugging your workstation before you reconnect the desk,

Reconnect the desk and keep a check for clicking sounds that you may hear,

Press the down button and continue to press it until the desk no longer moves any lower,

You will have to reset the memory settings, as the desk memory is lost when you unplug it.

Parting Thoughts

There may be several reasons why your standing desk may not work, and it isn't always easy to determine the cause of the malfunction. Fortunately, now you are aware of the most common reasons why your standing desk may not work and also have an insight into the possible solutions that you can start testing as soon as you realize that your desk isn't moving. Knowing the possible issues and how to resolve them will either entirely solve the problem or help you save time with technical support if the issue is unresolved.

But if you are still struggling with a standing desk that doesn't work, you will need to reach out to a professional who can help you identify the problem and come up with a possible solution.

Get in touch with us to find out more about reliable and durable standing desks and other ergonomic office furniture and accessories.