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5 Reasons Why an Adjustable Bed Base is Worth the Money

15 November 2023

Gone are the days when adjustable bed bases were only a part of hospitals. Given the several health benefits that adjustable bed bases have to offer, there is a rising demand for adjustable bed bases by home users. And while traditional beds continue to be a popular choice, you may want to consider investing in an adjustable bed base if you want to optimize your sleep space.

However, many people considering an investment in adjustable bed bases believe that they make an expensive bet. But given the many benefits you get, investing in an adjustable bed base is worth the money.

In what follows, we look at why investing in an adjustable bed base is worth the money, but before we get into the details, here's a quick overview of what is an adjustable bed base.

What is an Adjustable Bed Base?

An adjustable bed base is a mechanized bed frame that allows you to lower or raise the head or foot of the bed depending on your needs. By adjusting the head or foot or both parts of the bed, your bed can provide you with pressure relief and ultimate comfort for improved nighttime sleep.

The adjustable bed base uses a small motor and remote control that allows you to adjust your position so you can find the most comfortable spot without the need to pile several pillows under your neck and back.

As adjustable bed bases are becoming increasingly popular, they now offer features such as lighting, USB ports, speakers, bluetooth and even massage functions for an enhanced sleeping experience.

Why Is an Adjustable Bed Base Worth it?

Now that you know what an adjustable bed base is, let's delve into the reasons why an adjustable bed base is worth the money.

#1. Adjustable Bed Bases Enhance Comfort

It is obvious that a comfortable bed promotes a good nights sleep. What may be more challenging to understand is the long-term implications of discomfort that deprives you of quality sleep. The repercussions of long-term lack of sleep are actually quite dangerous. Chronically sleep-deprived individuals can experience various health issues, including cardiovascular diseases, stroke, obesity and even certain types of cancer. There is ongoing research investigating the connection between neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and poor sleep.

It is common to experience medical conditions such as congestion, muscle soreness and back pain every day. Moreover, certain special circumstances, such as surgery, also enhance your need for comfortable bedding. In such situations, an adjustable base will allow you to change your bed's position, so you get optimal comfort.

Furthermore, if you are engaging in activities that can strain your neck muscles or cause pain in the shoulders, spine and back while sitting on the bed, such as working on your laptop or viewing your tablet, an adjustable bed base will allow you to prevent neck strain. By changing the position of your bed, you can align your body in a relaxed position that allows you to engage in your favorite activities without the need to place a lot of pillows behind the back and neck.

#2. Use of Adjustable Bed Base Can Promote Healing For Certain Medical Conditions or Following a Surgery

Another reason why investing in an adjustable bed base is worth the money is that it helps promote healing which is critical following surgeries.

Individuals recovering from surgery or childbirth may find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position; however, rest is vital for them as it promotes quicker recovery. In such instances, an adjustable bed base helps you find the optimal sleeping position so you can rest comfortably and recover quickly.

Moreover, certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy, can make it difficult for you to find the most comfortable sleeping position. Furthermore, it can contribute to certain medical complications, such as sleep apnea, that can seriously affect your quality of life. It is particularly challenging for women with sleep apnea to enjoy a restful night's sleep until they elevate their upper body to an angle of 45 degrees. An adjustable bed base allows individuals with sleep apnea to find a comfortable position that provides a restful night's sleep.

Surprisingly, an elevated upper body position is also recommended for women recovering following a C-section as it promotes healing by reducing the tension in the abdomen. The position is not only recommended for women following a C-section but is also the preferred position for any individual recovering from abdominal surgery, shoulder surgery or even heart surgery.

#3. Adjustable Bed Base Helps Manage Snoring and GERD

An adjustable bed base allows you to make an angle between your knees and chest, a position known as zero gravity position. Sleeping with your knees and lower legs elevated above your heart but your head below it can help open up your nasal passageways, dramatically reducing your likelihood of snoring. In some cases, sleeping in this position can help eliminate snoring altogether.

Another common health condition that you can manage by sleeping in the zero gravity position is GERD. With your head elevated from the rest of your body, it lowers the risk of stomach acid returning to your esophagus, reducing acid reflux and associated heartburn.

#4. Adjustable Bed Base Aid in Relieving Pressure from Back and Legs

Most individuals with a desk job are required to use a screen for the most part of their working day, which can wreak havoc with their posture. It is not uncommon for individuals with a desk job to experience back aches and other associated conditions such as muscle weakness, spinal compression, and joint misalignment. Moreover, individuals with desk jobs also have an increased risk of damage to the Sciatic nerve that causes pain to radiate from your back to your legs.

While all these issues with the back may be associated with prolonged sitting, sleeping without providing adequate support to your lower back may aggravate these conditions. An adjustable bed base provides the solution for this problem as it allows you to sleep in a position that supports the spine's natural curvature. Moreover, it also allows you to distribute your body's weight more evenly throughout the hips and pelvis, which also helps relieve painful spinal conditions.

#5. Adjustable Bed Bases Can Improve Blood Flow

Adjusting your resting position so that your feet are elevated above your heart can positively impact blood flow to the rest of your body. Improved overall blood circulation can bring numerous benefits, such as the enhanced supply of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including the brain. Enhanced blood circulation to the brain helps individuals better manage their stress levels and productivity and improves mental clarity.

Besides the internal organs that benefit from increased oxygen supply, the largest organ of your body, the skin also benefits from healthy circulation. Improved blood circulation to the skin enhances collagen production and increases your skin's defense against environmental toxins resulting in an overall healthy skin.

Why Should You Invest in an Adjustable Bed Base?

Given that the use of an adjustable bed base helps you manage several health conditions and may also contribute to preventing certain medical conditions, one can imagine the cost they help you save. Here to refer to cost in terms of hospital visits, prescription medicines, and lost working days which is why the use of an adjustable bed base is highly recommended. While it may help you manage several health conditions, it also serves as a preventive measure that can reduce your risk of developing certain medical conditions.

The Adjustable Bed Base for You

If you are convinced about the benefits that an adjustable bed base may offer you and are looking for a reliable adjustable bed base, we recommend investing in the Adjustable Bed Bases. The highly customizable bed bases that makes it a convenient choice for individuals with back aches or other medical conditions such as sleep apnea. Moreover, the head adjustment angle also makes it easier for individuals who experience difficulty getting up, especially the elderly, to get off the bed and start their day.

Moreover, the Adjustable Bed Bases by FlexiSpot can fit in your existing bed frame so you don't have to worry about finding extra space in your bedroom to accommodate the adjustable bed base. Offering three different height options, you can choose the one that best fits your bed's frame.

The high-quality, motorized base can accommodate the entire family while keeping the sound level at <50db. The six-legged bed base is made from sturdy steel, ensuring the bed frame's stability and durability.

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