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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Leg Muscles While Working

04 July 2023

Strong legs are critical to support your body. They allow you to carry out everyday movements like walking, running, and climbing up the stairs. And when you have stronger legs, you can carry out all these movements conveniently even when carrying a load. This means that strengthening your leg muscles is integral to your health and mobility.

But if you have a desk job, you may naturally be wondering how you can strengthen your leg muscles when you have to spend over 8 hours at the desk.

Whether you're working in an office or have a remote workspace, let's not forget that creating an effective leg workout doesn't have to be complicated. Here are X ways to strengthen your leg muscles even when you have a desk job. But before we get into the actual ways to strengthen your leg muscles while working, you need to know a few things about strengthening your leg muscles.

Let's dive in.

What Should My Leg Strengthening Workout Must Include?

When it comes to designing a workout plan for strengthening your leg muscles, the simpler the better. Make sure your leg strengthening workout regime includes simple stretches and exercises that you can perform while at your desk or on your way to work.

However, you should ensure that these movements inherently focus on the major muscle groups of the legs including your hamstrings, calves, glutes, and quads.

How Many Times Should I Repeat the Movements?

If you are a beginner who is just getting started with a leg strengthening workout, aim for at least 3 sets of each strength with at least 8-10 repetitions which ensure that your muscles workout enough so they gain strength however, don't overdo it initially as it can increase the risk of muscle fatigue.

How Many Times a Week Should I Work on Leg Muscle Strengthening?

The more you train your muscles, the stronger the muscle group will turn out to be. If you train your leg muscles three times every week, they'll likely gain more strength quickly than training your muscles once a week.

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Leg Muscles While Working

When individuals have a desk job, they often find it challenging to head to the park or gym following the workday. So even when they want to work out, it's often not easy for them to find the time and motivation to work out during weekdays.

But what about weekends? Weekends are for rest anyway so individuals who find it difficult to work out during the week also end up being lazy over the weekend which means no physical activity throughout the week.

If you're eager to strengthen your leg muscles yet don't find the time and motivation to spend time on physical activity, here's good news for you. In what follows, we share a few ways to strengthen your leg muscles that you can try out while working.

#1. Walking to Work

One of the best ways to strengthen the muscles of your lower body including your legs is to incorporate walking into your everyday routine. If you don't find time to walk following a busy work day, you can incorporate it into your day by walking to and from your home to work and back.

If you live a few blocks away from your office, walking to your office will help strengthen your leg muscles.

If you are new to walking, you will gradually build your stamina and your leg muscles will also strengthen gradually to support your body.

#2. Ride a Bike

If your workplace is far away from where you live and walking doesn't seem like a viable choice, you can consider riding a bike to and from your workplace. When you ride a bicycle, the activity involves many of your leg muscles and also involves your core muscles to push your leg muscles off.

The major muscle group involved while cycling include the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles ( gastrocnemius and soleus). Over time as you continue to pedal to and from work, your muscles gain conditioning and strength which allows your legs to continue to work without distraction

#3. Try Stretching at Your Desk

There are several stretches that you can try out for strengthening your leg muscles while working. You can try out some stretches while sitting whereas for others you will need to stand up and get support from your workstation so you can conveniently perform the stretch.

If you are planning to incorporate desk stretches to strengthen your leg muscles, we recommend investing in a height-adjustable standing desk like Standard Standing Desk (E2 Pro). A height-adjustable standing desk from a reliable supplier like Flexispot allows you to seamlessly adjust the height of your workstation from sitting to standing and vice versa allowing you to alternate your position as required. When you are working you can convert it into a conventional sitting desk however, when you want to try out the desk stretches to strengthen your leg muscles or want to switch to a standing desk to counter the effects of prolonged sitting, you can conveniently do so with a single touch up/down movement.

Some of the desks stretches that you can try out to strengthen your leg muscles include the following.

Seated Leg Extensions

You can try this stretch while seating on your conventional workstation and office chair and target your quad muscles. Start by sitting tall, with your feet firmly placed on the floor. Now lift one of your legs parallel to the floor and stretch until you feel contractions within the muscles of your upper thigh. Hold the position for a few seconds before turning to the original position.

Repeat with the other leg. Complete 10 sets on each side.

Calf Raises

While the calf muscles don't make a major muscle group in the legs however, they still need some strength training and toning to support your ankles and help you balance your body.

The simple stretch involves standing at your desk with the support of your height-adjustable standing desk. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Now push your body such that you are standing on your toes. Hold the stretch for three seconds before you gradually return to the original position.

Repeat at least two or three sets of 15 raises every day.

Side Hip Raises

You can use the same height-adjustable workstation to support your body to perform this stretch that you have been using so far. Incorporating side hip raise into your workout routine is critical as it helps strengthen your thighs, hips, and glutes. Moreover, the stretch also enhances the flexibility of your hip joints.

Start by keeping your legs straight however, do not lock your knees with your feet together. Now lift your left leg to the side and gradually return to the starting position. The slower you do this movement, the better it is for your muscles. Now repeat with the other leg and complete at least 15 repetitions for each leg and 2-3 sets of this workout every day.

Standing Leg Extensions

Just like sitting leg extensions, standing leg extensions make a great workout however, it involves a different muscle group. Standing leg extensions make a great stretch to strengthen and tone your buttock muscles which are integral for supporting your lower back.

Stand while being supported by your height-adjustable standing desk with your feet less than hip-width apart. Now lift your right leg and stretch it backward while keeping the rest of your body straight. As you stretch your leg backward, you will feel the stretch at your hamstring and glutes. Gradually return to the original position and repeat with the other leg. Repeat 10-15 times for each leg and aim to complete up to three sets.

#4. Use the Stairs Instead of Elevators

If your office is a multistorey building and your workstation is on an elevated floor, skip the elevator. Instead, use the stairs to go up and down the stairs. Climbing stairs also involve major leg muscles including glutes, calves, quads, and hamstring.

While using the stairs will strengthen your leg muscles, it also serves as one of the best weight management practices that allow you to maintain healthy body weight.

Final Words

Remember the human body is designed to move. If you will keep your body in a stationary position for a long time, it tends to lose its flexibility and mobility as all major muscle groups responsible for the movement of your body weaken over time. Fortunately, there are ways to strengthen your leg muscles which make a major muscle group responsible for your movement even when you have a desk job that doesn't allow enough time and energy to work out. By trying out the ways to strengthen your leg muscles mentioned in this post, you can strengthen your leg muscles and move an easier task for your body.