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13 Tips to Design Your Study Space

20 December 2022

The past two years have resulted in all kinds of students resorting to studying at home and attending online classes. However, getting distracted while studying in such spaces is quite easy. Not to mention, managing your studies can be quite tricky in such spaces.

This is why all students should put some thought into effectively designing their study area. These spaces should help you concentrate and focus on your assignments as well as make you stay organized.

In this guide, we have put together the best tips to help you get started with creating a space that will allow you to tackle any assignment or exam your way.

Tips for Study Space Design

Many people state that the right study space is the key to academic success. This is mainly because students spend most of their time studying. College students, in particular, have to spend nearly half of their day preparing for exams and completing assignments. Hence, their study space needs to be comfortable and conducive to productivity.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind in order to create the perfect study space that you might actually enjoy studying in:

Find a Distraction-Free Location

Location is perhaps the most important factor when deciding a place for your study area. This can be a desk in your bedroom, a corner in your living room or kitchen, or a personal office. Whichever location you choose, you must ensure that there are no distractions in the area. It should be a comfortable, quiet space that will allow you to get work done.

Keep in mind that a study area should not be out of the house, such as in a library or a coffee shop. It also does not necessarily have to be in an office either. It just needs to be a space that is exclusively dedicated to studying.

Make the Space Comfortable

Since you will be spending hours of your day studying in your space, you should ensure that it is quite comfortable. This will also ensure that the space remains productive. You might assume that a comfortable space is one where you can prop your legs up and sit back on a couch. However, this might not be conducive to productivity in the long run.

You should instead consider investing in a good office chair and desk. This provides numerous benefits. Besides ensuring comfort through furniture, you should also consider environmental factors. The study space should not be too cold or too hot because it is easy to lose focus in such cases. If so, you should have fans or cozy blankets around.

Ensure You Have Plenty of Space

Another thing you need to keep in mind and follow is that you should have plenty of space in your study area. This is especially true if your study space is in a communal area or one that you share with others. If multiple people need to use your desk, you should create a schedule and make everyone follow it.

Your study space should have ample area to place your notebooks, textbooks, stationery, and laptop if need be.

Consider the Lighting in Your Space

Different students study at various hours. You should consider the time you typically study and add appropriate lighting to your design. For example, if you mostly study during the day, you should place your desk in such a way that you have ample access to natural lighting.

Designing your study space around a space is an excellent idea because it allows you to simultaneously enjoy natural light and fresh air. However, if you study during the night, you should get suitable artificial lighting, for example, through a table lamp. FlexiSpot has a wide selection of table lamps that you can consider for your study table.

Stay Organized

Once you have designed your study space, you should ensure that you keep it clean and organized. Remove any clutter you might find and keep everything in its place. This will help your desk stay clean and allow you to focus easily. Clutter can be a major distraction.

Not to mention, everything will be quite easy to find, and you won't be wasting your study time searching for things. One way to stay organized is to keep your things in a drawer. If you don't have one, you can get a storage box or have shelves installed.

Keep Your Space Clean

Keeping your desk and study space is essential if you want to remove all distractions and focus on the tasks at hand. You might be surprised that cleanliness can break your concentration and focus. This is especially if you are someone who gets anxious and stressed when there's too much mess.

Moreover, keeping your study space clean will also prevent the build-up of germs. Hence, to keep your space hygienic, you must regularly clean it.

Get a Standing Desk Converter

When you are studying, you are likely sitting in the same position for hours. This actually can make you more fatigued and lead to muscle aches and posture problems in the future. Hence, to curb all of these problems, you should consider getting a Standing Desk Converter from FlexiSpot.

It is one of the best investments you can make because it helps you stay productive and healthy simultaneously. You can switch from standing to sitting within minutes, and it helps you improve your posture while studying. Not to mention, the extra-wide table will help you keep your laptop, keyboard, and other accessories easily. Lastly, the chic design of the standing desk converter will be the perfect addition to your study table since it is also quite aesthetically pleasing.

Personalize Your Space

An essential tip when designing your study space is to personalize it. This will help you enjoy your area while studying and possibly help you focus as well. Studying can be stressful and not that enjoyable, but you can improve the experience by personalizing it.

You can do this by adding curtains, wallpapers, photos, memo boards, artwork, and plants of your choice. It's best to find colors, décor items, and other things that appeal to you. Having such a personalized and dedicated space will definitely help you focus.

Incorporate Your Inspiration

Is there something that motivates you to study? If so, then you should incorporate it into your study space. These can be images, quotes, and things written on post-it notes. Anything that sparks inspiration and allows you to work harder to reach your goals should be added to this mood board and placed in your study area. These will serve as reminders on days when you feel uninspired, which is why they are a great addition to your study space.

Remove Any Background Noise

Some students study and learn while listening to music because it helps them focus. However, if you find yourself concentrating more on the songs than the tasks at hand, it is best to remove such background noises. Instead, you should have other types of background noise if you need it. For example, you can do this with classical or instrumental music or make use of white noise.

Use Scented Candles

If you have space, scented candles can be a great touch to your décor. Some scents, such as lavender, peppermint, and rosemary, are known to enhance concentration and focus. Hence, you can use these oils in a diffuser or get scented candles. They not only look great but are quite functional as well.

Add a Clock and Calendar

The two most important ways to stay on top of tasks and stay organized are through having a clock and calendar around. Clocks can help you with time management and serves as a simple way to help you stay organized and focused. Similarly, you should have a calendar marked with all the essential test dates and other important dates. This way, you won't be missing any deadlines.

Put Up Your Awards and Accolades

Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to help one focus and motivate them. This is why you should have a separate area dedicated to awards and accolades area in your study space. This will help build up your self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, it will serve as a reminder that your hard work will pay off.

Final Words

A boring and ineffective study space might be holding you back from achieving all of your goals and helping you excel. This is why you should consider re-designing your study space using these aforementioned design tips.

Moreover, don't forget to invest in an excellent standing desk converter from FlexiSpot. It will help while studying and in the future once you start working. It is a great way to stay healthy, fight fatigue, and improve focus and posture. Not to mention, a standing desk converter also adds an excellent décor touch to your study space.