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11 Ways To Make Your Employees Feel Comfortable At Work

14 March 2023

Whether employed at a company or running one, you must be aware of the importance of a healthy work environment and culture and its positive impact on work quality. Without a positive and healthy work environment, the employees and the company can never reach their potential and may hate their workplace.

Why Is A Healthy Work Environment Important?

We spend more than eight hours every day in the workplace. Therefore, it must be a pleasant and comfortable experience. If your workplace is uncomfortable or toxic, it would be impossible to get any work done and to take the company to its maximum potential. Everyone would be too occupied with resentment or being laid back due to a lack of motivation.

A positive work environment where employers play an active role in creating a comfortable space for their employees and are concerned for their wellbeing makes a significant difference. It creates more loyalty for the company and its employers. It makes employees work harder and reach their potential. It makes them feel happier and more content and improves the overall quality and efficiency of the company. The employees determine the work culture of any office or organization, so it is important to pay attention to their needs and comfort.

1. Maintain An Open Communication And Transparency

Transparent and open-door policies are extremely important for the long-term success of any business. Employees should feel heard and trusted if they are expected to give their best to the company and be invested wholeheartedly. They should not be treated like outsiders; their ideas and opinions must be heard and respected.

2. Encourage Teamwork

There is no better way to break the ice among employees than to create teamwork opportunities. Working together helps build relationships and allows employees to get to know each other better. They can be grouped to work on projects together, or there can be activities aside from work to get employees to get to know each other. The company can organize an activity day, a pottery class, or a sports match so that they can meet outside the office and get a chance to get to know each other in an informal setting.

3. Provide Comfortable Seating

Nothing is like sitting in an uncomfortable seat during a boring meeting or conference. It makes it even harder to focus and concentrate. Sitting for prolonged hours in the office in an uncomfortable chair can be impossible to survive, and it is important to ensure comfortable seating for all the employees in the workplace.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to keep the body's needs in mind. It encourages the body to sit with the correct posture and maintain it. It provides comfort and support to the entire body while sitting so that the user can perform all their daily tasks easily and comfortably. It minimizes fatigue and the risk of injuries. Here are the following features of a good quality ergonomic chair:

It has a wide seat so that it accommodates users of all sizes

The chair has an adjustable height function so that it can be raised or lowered according to the user's height so that their feet are always touching the ground while seated

The seat has a comfortable and adequate back and lumbar support to maintain the correct shape of the spine while sitting

The seat has armrests to allow elbows and forearms to rest at right angles on the armrests to avoid fatigue

The seat has a swivel and movable function to allow the user to access different parts of their desk and room without having to leave their seat

Ergonomic Standing Desk

Standing desks are a new ergonomic addition to the workplace, allowing users to alternate standing and working between sitting. This allows them to take breaks, stretch their muscles, relax their joints and improve their blood circulation. Flexispot has great ergonomic standing desks that can be elevated and reduced in height to allow users to work in both sit and stand positions. According to research, standing desks are beneficial to health and can also improve work efficiency.

4. Invest In Good Lighting

There should be good ergonomic lighting in the workplace. Brightly lit spaces in the office create a more lively environment and keep employees more engaged and alert during work. Dim and gloomy office spaces can trigger laziness and drowsiness and demotivate employees. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights can bring maximum daylight to the workplace. Not only does natural light have a positive and refreshing effect on employees, but it also helps save energy on electricity and power. Floor lamps and task lamps should also be present to keep the room well-lit during the evening and night to prevent gloom and darkness in the office.

5. Create A Comfortable Work Space

You can create a comfortable workspace by incorporating the following:

Paint the walls white or a light color to make them look bright, large, and open

The floors should be a light color to reflect maximum light to give a bright and clean look to the space.

Add indoor plants to add some green in the office as it adds a great aesthetic as well as is refreshing for the eyes, especially for those employees who spend a lot of time staring at the screen

As mentioned above, there should be plenty of windows and bright light

Make sure that there is ample space for employees to move around and that not everyone is sitting too cramped together

Add paintings to liven up the space

Ensure adequate heating and cooling systems are in the offices to maintain a comfortable temperature.

6. Incorporate Wellness Facilities And Programs

Fitness centers, yoga classes, and pottery and paper mache classes can be introduced to employees and encouraged to prevent burnout while allowing employees to take a break and have healthy outlets to relieve stress. Stress and work overload can make employees physically and mentally unwell and should be addressed immediately.

Add an under-desk bike or a treadmill in the office that can be used during work. It serves a dual function, especially for those employees who are unable to make time for a workout. Flexispot has fantastic under-desk bike options to choose from.

7. Encourage Frequent Breaks

Employees should be encouraged to take frequent breaks in between work. Some like to work for 90-minute cycles and then take breaks. It is important to take frequent breaks to prevent sitting in one place for too long and causing your muscles to become tense. Take water or bathroom breaks or take a walk around your office and chat with colleagues. It is also a good idea to do stretches while sitting in your seat or standing.

8. Provide Updated Technology

Always make sure that the latest technology and software are available to your employees to reduce their workload and to ensure that they are updated with how things are being done everywhere.

9. Allow Suggestions For Improvement

If you expect your employees to give their best to your company, they might even have some valuable suggestions for improvement that you may not have thought of. Carry out meetings or send out surveys for suggestions for improvement frequently so that all the employees can participate in those. You might miss out on something, and making your employees feel seen and heard motivates them to work harder and develop more respect for their employers.

10. Give Privacy

Everyone deserves to be given Privacy. You do not have to monitor your employees 24/7 and their every move. Trust them and allow them Privacy so that they perform to the best of their abilities.

11. Reward Good Work

Everyone feels happy when their hard work is recognized and acknowledged. This is the best way to motivate your employees to work harder and better and inspire others to follow suit. Always reward your employees for their good work because ignoring it can result in a lack of motivation and a laid-back attitude. Rewarding employees encourages and motivates them to do better consistently and promotes healthy competition in the workplace.

The Final Word

If you spend more than eight hours in one space, you must ensure that it is a comfortable place; otherwise, you will be waiting for an opportunity to leave. Work entails performing tasks, sitting in one place, requiring focus, creativity, and peace and quiet. At the same time, employees expect good employees who are inspirational and fair and are concerned for the wellbeing of their employees. All employees want a positive environment in which to grow, and it is the responsibility of the employers to provide a comfortable environment for them. A healthy and positive work environment results in happier and more loyal employees, a thriving business, and improved quality of work.